Praise for Apps from CulinApp

"10 Best Apps for Foodies"


"Shines in quality, functionality, and usability... Gorgeous
… could leave you drooling on your iPad.” (4.5 out of 5 Stars)


"These are more than recipes.
Rather, they're baking tutorials seen through the lens of a particular dish.”


With every app from
CulinApp you will:

LEARN to cook like a pro – each recipe is a complete cooking lesson.

ENJOY big screen production quality on your iPad. Every step of every recipe includes high definition videos – the chef is right there with you in your kitchen.

CHOOSE the best “view” for your style and skill level:

Cookbook – like a traditional cookbook, but with all the multimedia enhancements.

Step-by-Step – a guided walk through the recipe with video instruction each step of the way.

SpinView – a video carousel where you can set your own pace and skip steps when you’re ready.

CulinView™ – a unique way to view the entire cooking lesson, mapped out from start to finish.

TRACK your progress with timers and step-tracking in each view.

SHOP in a jiffy with the list you create using the app.

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About Us:

Founded in 2010, CulinApp creates cutting-edge culinary apps for the rapidly expanding tablet marketplace. Working in partnership with the world’s most celebrated chefs and cookbook authors, CulinApp delivers a personal learning experience to aspiring chefs – of all levels – who want to advance their own cooking skills.

Today, diners and home cooks want more than just a good meal – they want a personal connection with their favorite culinary celebrities. CulinApp’s sophisticated cooking apps combine the right personalities, the right recipes and the right ingredients to deliver that personal experience.

CulinApp blurs the lines between a well-produced, entertaining cooking show and a top quality cookbook. The result is an immersive, highly visual interactive experience that blends entertainment and education in a new-generation app. CulinApp’s advanced software design introduces customizable features and tools, as well as eye-catching video, for a more efficient and enjoyable cooking experience.